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The Big Problem in Construction

Design in BIM, but construction is based on paper
Low efficiency. 54% is the average completion rate of all scheduled tasks each week, with current planning methodologies and tools on site.
BIM on site is hard and expensive
We know this. Implementing BIM on site is complex: complicated software, you need state-of-the-art computers, high learning curves, etc.Until now! BIMetriX gives your team the autonomy to exploit their BIM models in the construction site.
Limited ability to analyze and track progress
Traditional methods do not allow to really measure level of progress and to distinguish between constructive elements.We help you to measure and control. And remember, measuring is the most important step to improve.
Manual, inefficient planning
Little digitalization, boxes full of papers, PDFs, dozens of emails and photos. BIM models remain in the design phase, without using that powerful tool on site.If this sounds familiar, let's talk! Our goal is to support our clients in decentralizing the use of BIM on site.

Who are our users?

BIMetrix is a planning and control platform based on Lean-BIM methodologies. Our core goal is usability. BIMetriX allows crew on site, without previous knowledge of BIM, to carry out planning taks based on 3D models quickly and intuitively.

Construction Administrators and Project Managers

BIMetriX allows you to calculate yields, work projections, non-compliance causes and, visualize the progress of the project directly using 3D BIM models. If you project the forecast goals by coloring cells in Excel or PDFs, you need to contact us!

On Site Crew and Technical Office Teams

It allows you to plan activities, both in thick work and in terminations, based on BIM models. You get quantifications in seconds of volumes, areas, lengths and more. In addition, it allows you to generate work packages reports directly from BIM models, as well as to keep track of the progress of what has been planned vs. what has been executed.

BIM Modelers and BIM Managers

If you have asked yourself how you can collect information on site in terms of planning and progress, and how to link that information to the BIM models, BIMetriX is for you! BIMetriX has integrations to Revit and BIM 360. You will be able to inject the information collected in the field directly into your models, and generate KPIs and analytics with our Power BI templates. We make BIM Intelligence for your company.


Program, Visualize and Keep Control of your Work Progress

All in one intuitive platform

Data Filtering

Our selection and filtering tools are specially designed to give users a quick way to reach the information of interest in the BIM models intuitively and easily.

Visualize the information in the model with numerical data to improve and deepen planning processes, quantification and control of work based on the BIM models.

Model Viewer

Our visualization engine is integrated with Autodesk BIM 360 and Fusion 360; allowing you to view Revit, Navisworks or IFC models quickly and without exporting to other formats.

This allows for quantification, planning and control processes based on native elements. Thus, the information generated remains connected to the BIM model at all times. Our BIM Model Viewer makes the construction planning process more intuitive than ever.

BIM Intelligence

A smart way to visualize the planning and progress of your project.
We have a library of templates with direct integration to BIMetriX data that can be customized according to your company’s needs.

You will be able to take clear metrics of your projects, using the planning and progress data registered by your field team based on elements in your BIM models.

Model Division

Go from a calculation model to a model ready for virtual construction in minutes.

With BIMetriX you have access to our automated service of subdivision of models in Revit. This subdivision usually takes a lot of time, thanks to our automations it takes us only a few minutes. This allows you to modularize slabs, foundations and other elements in calculation models so that they can be used easily and efficiently in the process of planning, and quantity control on site.

4D BIM + Last Planner

Our innovative 4D planning tools based on BIM models allow on site crew to carry out their planning processes for thick work and terminations quickly and easily, simultaneously visualizing volumetric, area and length information of the planned elements.

Once the planning process has been completed, you can use our Last Planner BIM tools to track the work executed and generate metrics that allow you to visually identify the planned elements, executed elements and the delta between the two.


Do you want to do quality control based on BIM, or integrate BIMetriX data into Revit? We do it!

We have integrations to BIM 360 Docs, Monday, and Revit that allows you to make quality control tasks by linking information directly in the BIM models for visualization. As well as inject planning and control data into Revit.

Data Extraction

You own your data.
All your planning and quantification can be exported to Excel, with the information of the elements in BIM models. So you can continue adding formulas and combining programming or quantification information.

You can also extract PDF reports  or images of the models with filters and classifications assigned in BIMetriX.

Quantity Takeoff

Take advantage of the geometric information in your BIM models in an efficient way.

Our quantification tools based on BIM models allow technical office staff, extract information from the models in seconds, to be used in budgeting or planning ativities. All this just in a couple of clicks.

Choose the perfect plan for your company size and projects!

Basic Plan

  • 2 users per project
  • Model configuration
  • 1 Work enviroment
  • Excel reports
  • 4D BIM
  • BIM Quantification
  • PDF reporting and export
  • Implementation and support
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Annual subscription per project

Pro Plan

  • Everything in the Basic Plan +
  • 5 users per project
  • 2 work enviroments
  • Model health check
  • Power BI reporting
  • Revit integration
  • Direct BIM 360 integration
  • Monday integration and more!
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Annual subscription per project

Corporate Hub

  • Everything in the Pro Plan +
  • Custom reports
  • Custom integrations
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
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Annual subscription

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