BIMetriX Now Has A Direct Integration to Autodesk Construction Cloud!

05 / Ene / 2021

BIMetriX is announcing it’s integration with BIM 360®.

Since day one, we have leveraged the Autodesk® Forge® Viewer to fulfill our main objective: to make BIM more accessible on the construction site so users can quickly and easily extract data from BIM models and use it for planning and control. 

Now we are announcing our integration with BIM 360®, an industry-leading construction management software in Autodesk Construction CloudTM.With this integration, our customers will be able to directly connect BIMetriX to their BIM 360 hubs and start maximizing the benefits of BIM on the construction site. 



BIMetriX provides a simple, intuitive, cloud-based solution for BIM planning and control. Normally teams need a variety of complex software solutions to connect planning data and daytoday updates of completed tasks with the BIM Model, making the use of BIM onsite difficult for non-tech savvy users without years of BIM experience.  

Our new integration with BIM 360® simplifies how teams can capture data from the field on planned and executed tasks. Users can now access any model from their BIM 360® projects, including various file versions, directly within BIMetriX. This way,  teams on the construction site have access to the latest data for their planning and control needs. Such as weekly concrete pouring schedules, rebar and formwork packages, drywall work packages, and more tasks that a general contractor wants to plan and track using the BIM models.

Additionally, by combining the data captured in the field with the data already in the BIM 360 models, BIMetriX generates what we called «BIM Intelligence,« which provides superintendents and construction managers with important KPIs such as concrete pouring completion rates; daily, weekly, and monthly work goals using quantities from the model. As well as subcontractor’s and crewsubcontractors crews’ progress, distribution, and completion rates on the field. And more activities related to measure the progress and performance of a construction project.  

At BIMetriX we have worked hard to develop easytouse tools and interfaces, focusing on enabling non-BIM users to work with BIM. This integration with BIM 360® is key for us since it allows our users to connect directly to their design and VDC models, expanding the use of those models; and adding value involving more people to the BIM workflows. 

Ignacio Falcone, Project Manager at Icafal, was one of the early adopters of BIMetriX and says:

Since we can visualize tasks planned and completed using the BIM models, BIMetriX has helped us to track project progress more accurately, reducing the need for field visits.We already use BIM 360® for construction management, we and look forward to the new BIMetriX-BIM 360 integration making our planning and on-site construction workflowseven more seamless.”

“Most construction projects today rely on digital solutions and it’s important that construction teams are able to minimize the amount of time spent on manual data management, said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions.By enabling customers to automatically connect their BIM 360® data with solutions like BIMetriX, we are able to help them save time on manual data management and remain focused on building to drive construction productivity.”

If you are a BIM 360® user and want to learn more about BIMetriX or this integration, we invite you to click here and set-up a demo with one of our team members. 


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